Color personality test


I heard about a color personality test somewhere. The test consists of two questions.

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Why do you like the color?

Have you imagine a certain color in your mind? Then, I’ll show you how to analyze your answer.

The first question is just a red herring. What color did you choose?  Pink? Red? Black? Actually, it doesn’t matter. The important part is the second one.

The answer for the second question expresses what you want to be seen to others.

For example, if you choose red because you feel red is energetic and passionate, then, according to this test, you think you want to be recognized as a energetic and passionate person. If you like black because the color isn’t influenced by any other colors, then it means you think you shouldn’t be influenced by other people.

Interesting, isn’t it?

In my case, I chose gray. I know people usually think gray is rather negative but I heard gray is the most harmonious color of all. It doesn’t conflict with any other color. Even with bright fuchsia pink, vivid turquoise blue, and dark moss green, gray can be there.  It can match any color. I’d like to be such a person.