I’m not sure why she said it

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cringe-Worthy.”

I sometimes see a mother yelling at her child harshly in a supermarket, a station, or at a restaurant.

“How many times should I tell you this?!!” “…”
“I told you not to do this again and again. Don’t you Remember?!!!” “…”
“Do you hear me?!!!!” “…”

Everyone around them is startled and looks at them from a distance.
I don’t like those rough voices because they make me very uncomfortable. I don’t want to hear such voices.


I have a story which in I still don’t understand what my friend’s intentions were for a decade.

A decade ago, I was having lunch with my friends at a local restaurant. Each of us were with our children. I forgot the exact number of us but perhaps we were five or six mothers with a child each. We were having a good time chatting in a cozy restaurant.

Suddenly, one of the mothers started yelling at her child. She kept blaming him as loudly as everyone in the restaurant could hear. The relaxed atmosphere had changed in a moment. I forgot why she was so upset but perhaps it was because the child wouldn’t eat carrots, or he wiped his dirty hand with sauce on his clothes, or something like that. As for me, such behavior is not good but not that bad. In my opinion, ruining a nice lunch is worse. I wanted her to stop shouting but I couldn’t find any words to stop her.

Then, another mother of us said to the shouting mother, with a big smile, “Oh, I’m very impressed. You are so brave. If I were you, I couldn’t teach my child how to behave in a restaurant as you do. I’m ashamed but my priority is how others look at me, not how I should be as a mother. You are a wonderful mother. I should emulate you as a model of a good mother.”

I was not sure whether she said it seriously or she just wanted to stop the harsh voice. Or did she use sarcasm?


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