I finally watched “Frozen” in the movie theater a few days ago. Since I love the main  song “Let it go,” I really looked forward to seeing it. It was a nice movie. I had a good time.

However, somehow I felt sad.

I wondered why this movie became so popular especially among young women. It would be because they empathize Anna and Elsa.

I wondered if the popularity of the movie would indicate that there are many women who feel lonely, confined, struggling, trying to persuade themselves, and unhappy.

People praise that  the movie is new because the heroines create the path forward by themselves without men’s help. If it’s common or easy, no one would praise that. It seems very tough for women even in the 21st century.

When can women be released from being a woman? Two generations later?




3 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I guess the most noticeable thing about this movie is not the fact that the two women accomplish their goals alone, but that it’s been written into a movie. How many other movies focus on women in this way? Thelma and Louise anyone?
    Sad as you say that we are so far behind in this. But at least something is happening. And Frozen has a female director!

    • I imagined there was a place where women were released from being a woman, not here but somewhere on the earth. Maybe in Sweden, or the USA, I was not sure, though.

      Thank you for your comment. At least, as you said, we are proceeding forward. I hope we will be laughing about this conversation in the future 🙂

      Please don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed this movie and I love Anna. 😀 She is so cute!

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