Oh, Is He?

I love pop music. When I was young, I idolized several pop singers.

Madonna was one of them. Luckily, I went to her concert once with some friends. She was stunningly beautiful.

I watched the music video of Change of Heart by Cyndi Lauper more than 100 times. I practiced singing the song with dancing like her. I learnt the pronunciation of “turn it around” from the video. I have an accent but my “turn it around” would be perfect.

I had Whitney Houston’s first two albums those days. She was a shining star. I practiced and practiced singing Greatest Love of All and I can sing it without lyric sheet still now. Saving All My Love For You was difficult for me because it needed very high voice. Nevertheless, I enjoyed singing the song, with feeble and unstable tone.

Michael Jackson, who fell into disfavor later, was definitely one of the most popular pop singers at that era. He was the coolest.

I also liked watching parodies of Michael Jackson’s songs by “Weird Al” Yankovic. His Eat it (parody of Beat it)and Fat (parody of Bad) were awesome. I remember his Like a Surgeon (parody of Like a Virgin, of course) was brilliant too.

Okay, so…I should admit he was one of my idols. Oh, really?


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