Night Owl Becomes an Early Bird During a Trip

I am usually a night owl. I like staying up late. I love the time when everyone in my family was sleeping soundly. It’s my free time. Released from everyday chores, I am able to concentrate myself on what I want to do: Reading books, watching TV dramas or movies, knitting, playing video games. I feel like I go back to being single.

When I feel lonely, I open the curtain at the window and see outside. I always find a lighted window somewhere. I’m relieved that I am not the only person who is awake. The person who I’ve never met makes me encouraged and I cheer for the person in my mind.

I’ve never been an early bird at home. However, I am usually an early bird while I am traveling. I like waking up early and stroll along the streets and in the park near my hotel. Even a world-famous sightseeing spot shows me a different face very early in the morning. I feel like I see its real face, which I cannot see during the opening hours. It would be very crowded later the day, but it is sacred early in the morning. I like the clear air. Sometimes I can exchange a few friendly words with local people. It makes my trip more wonderful.


5 thoughts on “Night Owl Becomes an Early Bird During a Trip

  1. I totally agree with you on this! I like being a night owl — it’s those times of day when I feel like it’s ok to be alone. I love to sleep in, but not when I’m on vacation!

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