My Bucket List

1. Eat each one of all 7 macarons which are very colorful like a rainbow and the most popular sweets in my city.

— Done.

2. Eat a half of a watermelon scooping a spoon.

— Done. Actually, it was quite tough for me. A half of watermelon was huge! I had to keep eating it for several days.

Hey, wait. Don’t I have anything unrelated to food?


3. Look at “The Kiss” by Klimt in Österreichische Galerie Belvedere again and let my husband kiss me in front of the picture, copying the couple.

— I visited Vienna once when I was single. I looked at the picture and felt lonely because I didn’t have a person who would kiss me like the man in the picture at that time.  I swore to myself to come back there again with my darling and let him kiss me in front of the picture. Fortunately, I have a sweet husband now. But unfortunately, I know that he would never do such romantic things. Poor me.


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