My Junk Food History

I remember when I ate potato chips for the first time in my life. I’m surprised that such tasty food existed in this world.

Then, I acquired the taste of Fanta.  My sister loved Fanta Orange. As for me, the grape flavor was the best. It was fantastic as its name suggested. We didn’t drink Coca Cola because its carbonic acid  was too strong for us. We thought Coke was only for  adults.

Several years later, I met Cheetos. Stupidly enough, I thought I was lucky that I met Cheetos in my life. I was enchanted by Cheetos. Actually, Cheetos is still my favorite. ( I hardly eat it these days, though)

When I found Pringles Sour Cream and Onion, I was excited as if I found a hidden treasure in a deep and dense jungle. It tasted terrific.

I wonder if I always look for new junk food. When I find a new junk food product in stores, I usually give it a try.

I know junk food is not good for our health but it’s tasty. Anything bad for me always attracts me.


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