Before It Started

In my junior high school, each class had two class leaders. Traditionally, one was a boy and the other was a girl. I was elected as a girl class leader when I was in the first year grade. My partner, the boy leader, was a stranger for me. I have hardly any interest in him and he seemed not to have any interest in me, either. We sometimes needed to talk for a while just because we were partners.

My three talkative friends who loved “romance” started to ask me what I thought about him every day. He was smart, gentle, and a good basketball player. They insisted that he must have attracted me. The more I denied it, the more they were pleased and convinced that their insight was correct. But I knew those were their usual jokes. So I just let them keep saying whatever they want.

Because of that reaction of mine, they got all high and mighty.They made a plan for our first date, and the second, and the third, and finally his proposal situation and how I should react, and our marriage, and honeymoon. As soon as I arrived at school every morning, they surrounded me and asked me how I thought their plans. At first, it was just funny to listen to their nonsense imagination. However, it gradually became annoying. They even thought up our children’s names. I didn’t know how I could stop them.

Then, out of the blue, our virtual relationship ended. They just got bored about that topic.


7 thoughts on “Before It Started

    • No, the couple existed only in my friends’ heads. Sorry for my English. It must be confusing.
      I like your entry about the party. I’m looking forward to your next entry. 🙂

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