DAILY PROMPT Have You Never Been Mellow?

I like dropping by a bookstore on the way home. A bookstore is a wonderland for me. It takes me to anywhere anytime.

After I enter a bookstore, I go to the bestseller shelves first. I just browse their cover pictures, titles, and authors. Usually I don’t buy them. I prefer to find an interesting book by myself. Then, I go to the paperback shelves. I scan the books to check if I missed the latest volume of my favorite series and if there is a new interesting book for me.  Then I go to the magazine shelves and repeat the same process.

After that, my exploration starts. I like to see the selves which I’ve never seen before. Actually, I strongly recommend this to you. You’ll be surprised that you can find intriguing books in any genres. I can find, for example, “History of Russian Ballet,” “Business body language,” “How to build a log cabin,” and “How to keep dinosaurs.” There are a lot of books which I’ve never even imagined.

I always stay at a bookstore as long as I can. I enjoy imagining myself watching Russian ballet, reading business body language as a shrewd businessperson, and keeping a couple of velociraptors as my pets.

I am completely unwind by the time I leave the bookstore.


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