A memory in Kindergarten

Daily Prompt: Fight the Power.

This is a story of my kindergarten days.

I had a totally unconstrained life at home until I started to go to kindergarten when I was four.

At the kindergarten, I had to sing absurd childish songs with other strange children and even dance  ridiculously together with them. During play time (the time that teachers go back to their teacher’s room and children play by themselves freely,) two boys nudged me all the time and asked me stupid questions. I genuinely loathed going there.

Every morning I sought a good excuse not to go the kindergarten. I wished I had a headache, fever, or any sickness. I remember that I once claimed that I became blind when I stood up. I hid behind the pillar, the bathroom, everywhere. It must have given my mother headaches.

One day, she asked me why I hated going to the kindergarten that much. Actually, I didn’t recognize the reasons at that time. They were vague and blurry in my head. I couldn’t explain my feeling very well. Then, I unknowingly gave her this answer.

I want to watch Sesame Street on TV. I can’t watch the show in the kindergarten. Before I went to the kindergarten, I watched it every day. I miss it. That’s why I don’t want to go there.

My mother gently listened to me and told the teachers about her concern and my wish.

Then, ta-da!

The kindergarten obtained a TV somehow and all the children in the kindergarten got to have a TV time for  watching Sesame Street.

I’m not sure why it happened. No one explained to me why it started and I didn’t ask anyone. I don’t know how much my mother’s action influenced it or not.

Anyway, the change gave me some energy. I got used to the life in the kindergarten. I even retorted to the boys. They didn’t come close to me after that.

After all, I enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing with my friends there for two years until I proceeded to the elementary school.


6 thoughts on “A memory in Kindergarten

  1. I love this! Such a great re-telling of a childhood memory. I have a four-year old now and can relate to these sorts of conversations from a parent perspective – ie: trying to figure out what the actual issue is. From the kid perspective? Way to bring TV to class! Subversive! 😉

    • Thank you! Say hello to your four-year old 🙂
      Subversive? I didn’t know the word. I looked it in my dictionary and now I know its meaning.
      Haha, exactly!

  2. This must have been quite an honour for a child – a simple remark from them actually altered the kindergarten’s routine. The most I ever got was the banning of Duck Duck Goose because I fell over while we were playing once.

    • Actually, I’m not sure why the change happened. But I believe I did it 😉
      Duck Duck Goose? I didn’t know what it was. I googled and now I know what it is. It’s very popular in my country too 🙂 Duck Duck Goose was banned because of you? Haha, good job! 😉

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