Fascinating Bird

Daily Prompt: In the Summertime.

I’d like to watch Japanese paradise flycatchers this summer. I heard that they live in the grove near my house but I’ve never seen them.

Although I don’t know why they are called “paradise flycatchers,” I know their Japanese name San-ko-cho (three-lights-bird) and why they are called that. Their warbles sound like “tsuki-hi-hoshi hoi hoi hoi.” Tsuki is the moon in Japanese, hi is the sun, and hoshi is stars. Hence, they are called three lights birds. It sounds imaginative to me. I like their Japanese name.

Their appearance also appeals to me: their big black eyes with a beautiful blue eye ring on a black face, their blue beak of the same color with the eye ring, and their thin and extremely long  black tail.

I’d like to watch them move and hear them warble in person.


14 thoughts on “Fascinating Bird

  1. Vanessa Elliott says:

    Lovely post. Hopefully you get to spot one of the elusive flycatchers! Nature gives us so much to look forward to.

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