A Small Guest With a Box of Sweets

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself!

When I was around 11 years old, I was into baking sweets. Children love sweets and baking something by myself made me feel grown-up. Every year when a spring break of school started, I started to bake some sweets. I baked cookies, pound cakes, pies, and especially, madeleines.

When I took out  the sweets from the oven, the smell pervaded in the room. My family smelled the savor somewhere in the house and gathered into the kitchen. I served some of the sweets for them very proudly. I kept good ones and gave my family the rest which was inappropriate as a gift.

While my family were enjoying eating, I started wrapping the good ones. Those were to be a gift for my uncle’s family, my grandmother, or my grandaunt.  I would visit their houses with the gift and stay there for a couple of days.  That was my routine in those days. After wrapping, I packed the sweets, as cake shops do, into a used heavy paper box which was used when someone gave sweets to my family before and I liked and saved to use later like this.

Before closing the lid, I put my hand-made leaflet into the box, saying “Wisskko’s Bakery — We hope you’ll enjoy our products.” I added some color drawings of the sweets on it and explained how they were to be delicious. Under the drawing of yellow madeleine, I wrote “plain madeleine — The best seller of our shop. Beloved by everyone.” Under the drawing of brown maldeleine, I wrote “cinnamon madeleine — Our original product. You can’t miss it!”

My relatives always welcomed the small guest with a box of sweets.


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