If I Had to Choose One Thing that Makes me Jealous

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady.

Jealousy erodes a happy life. I’d like to live happily so I’d like to stay away from jealousy.

There are many people who have things I really desire that I can never get. However, I don’t feel jealous of those people at all. Their lives are just different from mine. Actually, I hardly get jealous of anyone about anything. I don’t compare myself to anyone. The person who I always compare myself to is my past or future self.

If I had to choose one thing that makes me jealous, it would be the learning environment for English learners in recent years. Everyone who accesses the Internet can see British TV drama, American movies, sports games in Australia, and whatever very easily and inexpensively. Communicating with people living in different countries has become easy via social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter. We can immerse ourselves in English all the time.

If I were 15 years old now, I could learn English more easily and cheaply. As a result, my English would have been much better.


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