Don’t be Manipulated

Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy.

I go crazy when I find that someone is trying to manipulate me.

I have been habitually wondering what would be the most important factors when we decide if a person can be trusted or not. It could be their social status. Their appearance would give us a lot of information too. Also, we often judge people from their composure. We unknowingly use several factors to assess people’s trustworthiness.

It’s also well-known that there are villains who can use such factors very well to deceive us. Some people can tell a lie without knowing it’s a lie. They truly believe what they say even if it didn’t actually happen. How can we discover such people?

I think I’ve got the knack.

Forget their social status and appearance. You shouldn’t trust someone because he/she has a PhD. There are lots of queer PhDs. Nice suits don’t mean their wearer is nice. Shabby clothes don’t mean their wearer is innocent. What you should focus on is their words.

Listen to their words carefully.

If someone says that “She’s never said anything about her age. she is concealing her age from us,” you shouldn’t trust him/her. If someone says that “I’ve never heard that she mentions about her age,” you can trust her. Technically, you cannot say “she’s never said,” can you? It’s impossible for you to know all of what she said. So, you should trust the latter person.

If two men claim that the other is a liar each other and you are not sure which one you should trust, listen to  their words carefully. If one says “I don’t think he is telling the truth. I don’t know why,” and the other says “I know he is a liar and trying to deceive you,” which one you should trust? Yes, the former.

Don’t be manipulated. Manipulative people talk to you confidently and convincingly. They say that they know other people’s thoughts because they are smarter than us.


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