Strong Bond with Her

Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You.

Who is my best friend? It’s hard to decide. There is a saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Fortunately, I have some. 

If you ask me who the friend tied most strongly is, I would think of one person. She is a friend in my high school. Recently, we hardly keep in touch with each other, but our lives strangely synchronizes. She married 6 months after I got married. Soon after she had her first baby, I became a mother too. I received a letter from her that she need to undergo an operation while I was in the hospital after I underwent an operation.

She understand me very well and I understand her very well.

When we were in college, we traveled Europe together. Before the trip, we bought guidebooks each and met several times to plan our itinerary. Eventually, we made a great plan ;D

When I was packing my clothes, I wonder if I should take all the guidebooks to the trip. We planned to visit several countries and I bought one or more guidebooks for each country,  so the volume of all the guidebooks were bulky. I concluded that I would be able to travel without them somehow. I had read them a lot already and I was not alone. She would remember what I forget.

On the first day of our trip,  at the meeting place, I told her that I didn’t bring any guidebooks because I thought we would able to travel without them. She cried, “I knew that! I’ve brought all guidebooks I bought! Because I was sure you wouldn’t bring any guidebooks!”


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