How To Keep My Spirits Up

Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues.

When I’m irritated, usually I am hungry. After I eat a lot, my irritation has gone. When I feel down, usually I am sleepy. After I sleep well, my anxiety has vanished. Eating enough and sleeping soundly. It’s my way to keep my spirits up. Very simple.

I heard that some people make a habit of seeing pictures of the vast universe when they feel down. While they are seeing the picture, they rediscover the vastness of the universe and their problem’s smallness. Compared to the vast universe, how insignificant our existence is. How small are the things such a small person fusses about. Then, they realize that it’s ridiculous to fuss about such small things.

As for me, it doesn’t work at all. If I see a picture of the vast universe when I feel down, I would be completely depressed. I would think that I’m utterly worthless in this vast universe. I would feel more miserable. Who would care if I feel down in this universe? I’m a tiny tiny tiny being. Nobody would care about me.

I prefer chatting with my family and friends who love me a lot. It gives me confidence that I deserve to be there.


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