I am a lazy person and full of confidence

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender.

I am a lazy person and without any reasons I am full of confidence.  I don’t like doing something everyone can do. When someone say “This is very easy. It’s just 5 minutes practice. You need to do it just 5 minutes a day. Keep it work and you’ll see your skill improved after 6 months” to encourage me, I would lose my motivation instantly. That’s not my cup of tea. I love doing something no one expect me to accomplish. Something very hard. Even if I fail such things, my confidence wouldn’t diminish at all. My failure would be because of its difficulties, not because of my ability.

Being full of confidence is convenient for a lazy person.

I am a lazy person and perfectionist. Because I am a perfectionist, I admit only 100%. If something is not 100%,  it is equal to 0% for me. Therefore, I don’t need to make any efforts when I can hardly get 100%. If I am able to improve my skill from 60% to 85%, so what? That’s meaningless to me.

Being a perfectionist brings a good excuse for a lazy person.

Okay. I am a lazy person, full of confidence without any reasons, and perfectionist. Do you want to become my friend?


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