Who protects me?

Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera.

I believe I will live a happy life until the end of my life. When I was a child, my grandmother always told me this. Because I was born on the day of our local god, who handles people’s luck and health, I should be protected by him. My grandmother deeply believed it.

Whenever I heard it,  I felt kind of happy and proud of myself, but honestly, I didn’t believe it.

I didn’t tell my grandmother that I didn’t believe her words or in her god, but actually I didn’t believe them at all. I thought  it was just superstition. I couldn’t tell her because I loved her very much and I wanted to let her see me happy.

She died many years ago. No one says I’m a special being protected by a god now.

Now I’ve realized that on the  surface I don’t believe in such religious things but a place somewhere deep inside of me believes I’m protected because my grandmother told me so again and again.

Because of this belief, when something very harsh happens in my life, I think that it is not just a harmful thing. Bad things happen because I need them for becoming a  deeper person or getting further experiences. I’m sure I will be able to use the experience later to make my life happier.

Thanks to this belief, I’ve been able to get through some tough situations.

It may sound ridiculous, but sometimes I think I am protected by my grandmother in heaven.


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