Memories with English Teachers

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart.

In English class for adults, the teacher asked us which we think was more important, love or money. All other students answered it’s money. Only I claimed it’s love! Then, everyone (including the teacher) started explaining how money was more important than love in order to persuade me.

I insisted on my opinion. “We could live without money somehow when we are in love. But imagine you have much money but no love. How miserable such a life would be! I would be happy with my sweet daring even if I am very poor….”

Then, the teacher cut in and cried, “You are young!” For a couple of seconds, I didn’t understand what he meant. Then, I realized he said my opinion sounded silly. “No, no, I’m not young, and whether I’m young or not is utterly unrelated to my opinion,” I said. “No. Love is more important than money? That’s the proof that you are young,” he repeated.

If the thought that love is more important than money means “young,” I would stay young for the rest of my life, I thought.

That happened 20 years ago. Since I am much older now, I understand the teacher’s words better. Money matters. But I still think love is more important than money.

The teacher taught me a lot of things. But what I remember the most is this episode. Sorry, Teacher!

I also remember another English teacher told me not to say “I’m old now” self-deprecatingly. She recommended me to say “I’m matured now” instead. I like her idea.


14 thoughts on “Memories with English Teachers

  1. I really like your piece, people often discredit the thoughts and sometimes wise words of the young simply because they are young and have not yet had the years to become cynical. 🙂 Love in every form not only is the most important thing I think but it keeps everyone young even when there are wrinkles and grey hairs to prove otherwise. 🙂 happy aging!

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