Don’t be Manipulated

Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy.

I go crazy when I find that someone is trying to manipulate me.

I have been habitually wondering what would be the most important factors when we decide if a person can be trusted or not. It could be their social status. Their appearance would give us a lot of information too. Also, we often judge people from their composure. We unknowingly use several factors to assess people’s trustworthiness.

It’s also well-known that there are villains who can use such factors very well to deceive us. Some people can tell a lie without knowing it’s a lie. They truly believe what they say even if it didn’t actually happen. How can we discover such people?

I think I’ve got the knack.

Forget their social status and appearance. You shouldn’t trust someone because he/she has a PhD. There are lots of queer PhDs. Nice suits don’t mean their wearer is nice. Shabby clothes don’t mean their wearer is innocent. What you should focus on is their words.

Listen to their words carefully.

If someone says that “She’s never said anything about her age. she is concealing her age from us,” you shouldn’t trust him/her. If someone says that “I’ve never heard that she mentions about her age,” you can trust her. Technically, you cannot say “she’s never said,” can you? It’s impossible for you to know all of what she said. So, you should trust the latter person.

If two men claim that the other is a liar each other and you are not sure which one you should trust, listen to  their words carefully. If one says “I don’t think he is telling the truth. I don’t know why,” and the other says “I know he is a liar and trying to deceive you,” which one you should trust? Yes, the former.

Don’t be manipulated. Manipulative people talk to you confidently and convincingly. They say that they know other people’s thoughts because they are smarter than us.


Cherishing Time

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line.

There is a saying that “Time is money.” Yes, time is very precious like money.  If that is so, then is the importance of time equivalent to that of money? I don’t think  so. You should value time more than money.

Even if you consume or lose money, you can earn it again. You could be given money by someone, or it could even happen that you find money on a street, pick it up, and get it.

On the other hand, time will never come back to  you once you consume it.  Never ever. You cannot earn time, take someone else’s time, or save time in advance. No one can give you extra time.

I dislike people who make me waste time.  I feel like they stole my life.

Strong Bond with Her

Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You.

Who is my best friend? It’s hard to decide. There is a saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Fortunately, I have some. 

If you ask me who the friend tied most strongly is, I would think of one person. She is a friend in my high school. Recently, we hardly keep in touch with each other, but our lives strangely synchronizes. She married 6 months after I got married. Soon after she had her first baby, I became a mother too. I received a letter from her that she need to undergo an operation while I was in the hospital after I underwent an operation.

She understand me very well and I understand her very well.

When we were in college, we traveled Europe together. Before the trip, we bought guidebooks each and met several times to plan our itinerary. Eventually, we made a great plan ;D

When I was packing my clothes, I wonder if I should take all the guidebooks to the trip. We planned to visit several countries and I bought one or more guidebooks for each country,  so the volume of all the guidebooks were bulky. I concluded that I would be able to travel without them somehow. I had read them a lot already and I was not alone. She would remember what I forget.

On the first day of our trip,  at the meeting place, I told her that I didn’t bring any guidebooks because I thought we would able to travel without them. She cried, “I knew that! I’ve brought all guidebooks I bought! Because I was sure you wouldn’t bring any guidebooks!”

How To Keep My Spirits Up

Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues.

When I’m irritated, usually I am hungry. After I eat a lot, my irritation has gone. When I feel down, usually I am sleepy. After I sleep well, my anxiety has vanished. Eating enough and sleeping soundly. It’s my way to keep my spirits up. Very simple.

I heard that some people make a habit of seeing pictures of the vast universe when they feel down. While they are seeing the picture, they rediscover the vastness of the universe and their problem’s smallness. Compared to the vast universe, how insignificant our existence is. How small are the things such a small person fusses about. Then, they realize that it’s ridiculous to fuss about such small things.

As for me, it doesn’t work at all. If I see a picture of the vast universe when I feel down, I would be completely depressed. I would think that I’m utterly worthless in this vast universe. I would feel more miserable. Who would care if I feel down in this universe? I’m a tiny tiny tiny being. Nobody would care about me.

I prefer chatting with my family and friends who love me a lot. It gives me confidence that I deserve to be there.

I am a lazy person and full of confidence

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender.

I am a lazy person and without any reasons I am full of confidence.  I don’t like doing something everyone can do. When someone say “This is very easy. It’s just 5 minutes practice. You need to do it just 5 minutes a day. Keep it work and you’ll see your skill improved after 6 months” to encourage me, I would lose my motivation instantly. That’s not my cup of tea. I love doing something no one expect me to accomplish. Something very hard. Even if I fail such things, my confidence wouldn’t diminish at all. My failure would be because of its difficulties, not because of my ability.

Being full of confidence is convenient for a lazy person.

I am a lazy person and perfectionist. Because I am a perfectionist, I admit only 100%. If something is not 100%,  it is equal to 0% for me. Therefore, I don’t need to make any efforts when I can hardly get 100%. If I am able to improve my skill from 60% to 85%, so what? That’s meaningless to me.

Being a perfectionist brings a good excuse for a lazy person.

Okay. I am a lazy person, full of confidence without any reasons, and perfectionist. Do you want to become my friend?

Who protects me?

Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera.

I believe I will live a happy life until the end of my life. When I was a child, my grandmother always told me this. Because I was born on the day of our local god, who handles people’s luck and health, I should be protected by him. My grandmother deeply believed it.

Whenever I heard it,  I felt kind of happy and proud of myself, but honestly, I didn’t believe it.

I didn’t tell my grandmother that I didn’t believe her words or in her god, but actually I didn’t believe them at all. I thought  it was just superstition. I couldn’t tell her because I loved her very much and I wanted to let her see me happy.

She died many years ago. No one says I’m a special being protected by a god now.

Now I’ve realized that on the  surface I don’t believe in such religious things but a place somewhere deep inside of me believes I’m protected because my grandmother told me so again and again.

Because of this belief, when something very harsh happens in my life, I think that it is not just a harmful thing. Bad things happen because I need them for becoming a  deeper person or getting further experiences. I’m sure I will be able to use the experience later to make my life happier.

Thanks to this belief, I’ve been able to get through some tough situations.

It may sound ridiculous, but sometimes I think I am protected by my grandmother in heaven.

The most memorable moment in my childhood

Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember.

The most memorable moment  in my childhood is the time when my sister was born. I was three and a half years old. It was the end of July. I was playing circling around a pillar in my house meaninglessly. My father called me and asked if I wanted to see a baby. Not knowing what that means, I nodded.

I don’t remember any other moments. I don’t remember the moment I met the baby, how she looked, or where we met. But, strangely, I vividly remember how I was circling around the pillar,  what I wore, how my father’s voice sounded, from which angle he called me,  and how the sunlight was coming in from the windows.  It was early evening. I remember the air was dull and sweet languidly.